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Support Sex, Drugs, And Fuckin' Rock N' Roll

Only Groupies Beyond This Point

12/4/05 09:44 pm - tyrindel - I Do Believe Now Is As Good A Time As Any To Make Our ReAppearance

Well boys and girls, I'm back. I must say it's been unusual not kicking ass these last couple of months.

I'll just have to make up for it...

10/18/05 10:07 pm - tyrindel - The Village

We wrote a new song called The Village at practice tonight. It kicks ass! Trigger already had the guitar written, I wrote lyrics to the existing guitar, it's excellent. I would say that you could expect to see it at our next show (not scheculed).

Goodnight Boys and Girls.

The Best Thing Since Sex On The Beach,


10/8/05 09:52 pm - tyrindel - Here I Am

Good Evening Boys And Girls,

Community fuck_drugs_rock has been long in the making, but here it is in all it's glory. I will be your host, you may call me Tyrindel.

Comment on my journal if you've joined and wish to have a more meaningful membership, and state your specifications on change. They may just be met.

Have a good night children.

The Best Thing Since Death,

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