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Here I Am

Good Evening Boys And Girls,

Community fuck_drugs_rock has been long in the making, but here it is in all it's glory. I will be your host, you may call me Tyrindel.

Comment on my journal if you've joined and wish to have a more meaningful membership, and state your specifications on change. They may just be met.

Have a good night children.

The Best Thing Since Death,

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hey man, sex, drugs, and RnR, the best things in life. we should make a list of our musical influences or favorite rock gods/bands, or something of that sort. I'll be checking in. Trigger
Everone meet Houston! trigger_fp is the lead guitarist in the band. Possible the best guitarist in NW Arkansas, quite possibly. Warm welcome expected...
lol, maybe not the best in nw arkansas. how about best lead guitarist in the band? that sounds better. haha
Nah... best in NW Arkansas, at least Benton County. If nothing else you'll be the best in NW Arkansas, hopefully the world...